Sage Software Sdn Bhd

Sage Software Sdn Bhd is a developer of business and education software.

Best software by Sage Software Sdn Bhd

Sage UBS Nine Billing
It provides you the flexibility to handle all types of inventory transactions.
Sage UBS nine Inventory Billing Ultimate
It is a program that allows you to control your company stock.
Sage UBS one Accounting
It is a program that provides basic accounting features.

Popular programs by Sage Software Sdn Bhd

Sage UBS Payroll
This will ease the nightmares of drafting HR letters, employment contracts.
Sage UBS POS 2013
It makes it easy to monitor credit card sales and daily financial returns.
Sage UBS nine Point Of Sales Lite
It transforms a PC into a powerful point-of sale cash register.
Sage UBS nine Human Resource Management
Comes with all the basic accounting functions, such as cash flow management.
Sage UBS POS plus
Sage UBS Point of Sale (POS) plus is designed for retail outlets and restaurants.

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